Company to offer sneak peek of new 5G smartphone this week

Samsung’s first 5G devices are just around the corner. The tech giant will offer a peek at its new flagship 5G phone at CES 2019, as networks gear up to roll out the powerful new wireless protocol.

It comes as no surprise that the beginning of Samsung’s CES 2019 press conference orbited around their commitment to rolling out 5G in the US, with Europe and Asia to follow.

“In the US, we’re helping major carriers roll out 5G,” said Samsung CEO HS Kim.

Kim also announced that they are the first company to receive an FCC green light for 5G, and they expect service delivery within the first half of 2019.

The company is supporting all three major US carriers with their 5G launches, and Kim made it clear that launch is just around the corner.

Samsung’s upcoming 5G phone (the rumoured Galaxy S10, perhaps) looks likely to debut on Sprint, with up to two 5G devices in the mix by the end of the year.