Over-engineered, or just the right amount?

Good news: Nubia has solved the selfie puzzle. You know, when you want to take a self-portrait using the good camera on your phone, but you can’t, because physics.

CES 2019 proved that this is the year of the screen. First there were the 8K big screens, then the folding screens, now we’re seeing dual screens on one smartphone.

Yeah it’s a bit silly, and it’s also admittedly pretty cool. Meet the Nubia X.

Nubia X Dual Screen Smartphone
Is that an animated betta fish on the back? Why yes it is.

Yep, there are no pop-ups, no cutouts, no punch camera. In fact, there’s no front-facing camera whatsoever. Instead, there’s an entire second screen on the back of the camera. Here’s a short clip of Evan Kirstel giving it a whirl.

That means you can leverage the superior dual 24 – 12 megapixel camera for self-portraiture. (And get, like, really impressive closeups of your pores.)

The back screen is fully functional, you can operate the phone from either side. It’s a smaller display (a meagre 5.1 inches and just 720p), but it works seamlessly. You can now selfie to your heart’s content.

It’s flashy, maybe overkill, but it’s undeniably slick. When switched off, the second display is unnoticeable, due to the fact that the Nubia X is still slim (8.4mm) and light (180 grams.) The only real giveaway is the glossy glass back panel.

The automatic screen switch is finicky and needs a bit more fine-tuning, since it doesn’t always detect the flip. And yeah, this might be innovation for innovation’s sake.

But unlike folding screens, there’s real utility here. The second screen, the selfie functionality, and pure bling factor should turn plenty of heads. Plus it does plenty of little things right; it’s really handy having the time of day displayed on the back of your phone.

(A second touch surface probably has some upside for mobile gaming, too. Shoulder buttons, anyone?)

You can pick up the Nubia X in China for about $500. There’s no word yet whether it’ll trickle over to the North American market.