Control individual outlets and light strips by voice

At CES 2019, Smart home company Eve¬†offered updates on a couple things I’ve been waiting for: a smart power bar that gives you control over the individual outlets, and a smart lighting strip.

The Eve Energy Strip is a slick-looking power bar in black and brushed aluminum. The design pretty much screams, “Hey, I work with Apple HomeKit.”

Aside from standard stuff like surge and overcurrent protection, the Energy Strip connects with your home WiFi. It will operate seamlessly with the Eve app and HomeKit.

You can ask Siri to switch on individual items plugged into the Energy Strip, or switch them all on at once. In conjunction with Homekit, you can monitor power consumption and enery use, set schedules, and even maintain those schedules when WiFi is down.

The Energy Strip is expected on shelves by March 2019, with a price tag of about $119.

Eve Light Strip
Photo: Eve Home

Eve also offered an update on their Light Strip: an easy-to-install, Homekit-friendly LED light strip.

With these self-adhesive strips, you can control the spectrum, brightness and colour using voice commands. Each 6.5 foot strip offers an impressive 1,800 lumens. You can cut and extend them up to a maximum length of five strips.

Eve will release the Light Strip in February, and it will retail on Eve’s website for an estimated $79.95