Barista & Co’s new portable coffee maker is quick and strangely addictive

As an admitted coffee nerd, I have, ahem, a few gadgets already. The Moka pot, the french press, the espresso maker.

But none of those are very portable (except the Moka, maybe.) And I find myself gravitating towards two things: whatever is quickest, and whatever makes the smoothest brew.

The Twist Press, by Barista & Co, does both of those things, and it does them in style.

Twist Press in Action at Cabin
Twist Press at the Cabin
Photos: Barista & Co

This clever little coffee press aims to make the brewing process as painless as possible. By twisting the two handles and taking advantage of the power of torsion, The Twist Press lets you control the speed and pressure of your extraction.

It’s similar in function to the Aeropress, but different in its use of torsion to up extraction pressure. Frankly, it’s easier.

The plunger, handle and central helix chamber are cleverly designed to provide a lot of pressure without really breaking a sweat. You can even get a crema-like foam like you’d find in an espresso (depending on how you brew.)

By extracting in this twisting motion, you can make a coffee in as little as 30 seconds. That’s eight times faster than a french press. Or you can opt to go slower for more intense brews.

Not only that, by using the included filters, brews are clean, well-extracted, and sediment free.

Because you only need hot water, the Twist Press is an ideal travel coffee maker. It’s pretty portable and holds enough spare coffee for up to three cups, making it an ideal camping companion.

It all comes apart for easy cleaning, and the durable, all-plastic Twist Press is BPA-free.

So what do you think, fellow coffee snobs?

Barista & Co is currently crowdfunding their design on Kickstarter. It has already matched its fundraising goal with 28 days to spare. You can support the campaign to pick up a Twist Press of your own for about $23.