Ahead of CES 2019, Samsung has released info on its latest computer display, the Space Monitor, otherwise known as the SR75.

Nearly perfectly flat, with an ultra-slim bezel (on three sides anyway), the monitor sits flush against a wall. Clever cable routing through the included stand means a clutter-free experience.

Samsung Space Monitor SR75

It’s a fresh concept. Bucking current display trends (big, or curved, or both), this display is slick and minimalist. What’s more, it offers a killer user experience upside.

The monitor comes with an included stand and clamp that’ll let you attach it to most desks without tools. It’s vertically height adjustable, rising as high as 8.4 inches.

Samsung will be offering the display in 27″ and 32″ versions, the larger sporting a 4K UHD resolution at 60hz. It’ll have a single DisplayPort and HDMI input.

Here’s the cool bit. The stand also pivots forward on a hinge, allowing you to pull the screen closer, and eventually rest on the desk surface. As it pulls forward, it also tilts for an optimal viewing angle. Check it out.

Slick, right? When sitting on the desk, you have a giant tablet-like experience.

I completely understand the utility here. My current Samsung display sits on a monitor arm, which is handy, but I can never have it completely out of the way. The SR75 lets you push your display out of the way with one finger. That’s really cool.

Does it actually save desk space? Well, no, technically not really. But it saves visual clutter, and it lets you easily clear your surface temporarily without putting your computer out of action.

That said, if you’re still a fan of big and curved, don’t fret. Samsung’s also unveiling a super ultra-wide curved display called the CRG9.