And yeah, they’re low-profile too

As you may know, we’re extremely here for any new low-profile mechanical keyboards, so Cooler Master’s keyboard announcement has us pretty excited.

At CES 2019, the company (better known for its namesake CPU coolers) released details on three new mechanical keyboards: the SK621, SK631, and SK651.

They’re wireless, they’re slim, and they’re cleaner than a priest on Sunday. We tip our hats to the design team.

Each one has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. They’ll ship with USB Type-C cables which will facilitate charging and offer a wired alternative to Bluetooth. Additionally, they all make use of Cherry MX low profile switches. These boards are currently built around Cherry Reds, but I’d wager that Blues will be an option too.

SK631 Keyboard, by Cooler Master

The SK631 is slightly larger than the 621, with a separate row of function keys.
Cooler Master SK651 Keyboard
The full-sized SK651 features a full numpad.

As you’d expect, the numbers refer to keyboard size, starting at the tiny, tenkeyless SK621, and ending with the full-sized, keypad-sporting SK651. Each sports a distinctive wedge shape and metal top plate.

It wouldn’t be Cooler Master without some colour, so these boards feature individual switch LEDs and additional surround lighting. That’s all customizable using Cooler Master’s proprietary software, Portal.

And, as Cooler Master has teased on Twitter, looks like they’ll be available in white and silver too.

No word yet on pricing or release date. Frankly, the low-profile mech switch market is still sorely underserved, and we’re thrilled to see new options hit the market.

We’re left with just one question: when can we get our mitts on it?