Wave 2 is on the way, if you were lucky enough to get on that waitlist

What started out as a passion project on Geekhack has exploded into a roaring commercial success. Azeron’s unique gaming keypad is one-of-a-kind, and absolutely everyone seems to want one.

Close-up of the Azeron keypad
Photo credit: Azeron

The novel-looking input device is so popular that Azeron can’t keep them on the shelves. It’s easy to see why. With a unique button layout, lots of inputs, and an integrated thumbstick, the keypad offers a fantastic alternative to the conventional keyboard and mouse (or WASD) setup. For many people, myself included, that’s huge.

The appeal makes sense: the ergonomic design and programmable key layout is perfect for input-hungry games, like MMOs.

Azeron keypad in action
Photo credit: Azeron

According to a recent blog post, Azeron has grown to 18 employees. Together, their team of programmers, production managers, and assemblers are cranking out keypads as fast as they can.

The coolest part about these devices is how they’re made: each one is 3D-printed and hand-built to your custom specifications.

If you can get one, that is. Acquiring a keypad these days involves hopping on a pre-order list. That involves some planning and patience. Azeron is currently working on fulfilling their second wave of pre-orders.

We like the way they’re going about this. Unlike many failed device concepts, Azeron dodged some classic pitfalls. They have never gone the route of starting a risky fundraising campaign, nor have they dropped off the map entirely after receiving funding. They’re scaling at a sustainable level, and we’re here for it.

(We should mention: they even offer a lefty version. God bless Azeron.)

You can check out Azeron’s blog post here for more details. Meanwhile, don’t mind me; I’m just gonna get in line for the next pre-order wave.